Visakha Vidyalaya

Visakha Vidyalaya.Colombo-The best girls school in Sri Lanka

Principle of our school
Mrs. Sandamali Aviruppola - Dec 2008 - Present

VISAKHA THE IDEAL. - excerpts from a contribution to the school journal.

"Could our school, as it marches into the 21st century still retain as its role model a daughter of ancient India?" Visakha is revered, even today, for her modesty and decorum. Given in marriage to one of a different faith she demanded that she retain the right to observe her religion. Through her great wisdom she was able to lead her father-in-law on to the Right Path. What woman, in today's liberated world, can claim such an accomplishment?

- - She gained equality without sacrificing her femininity. It is obvious that, like the Buddha's teachings, the example set by Visakha is timeless. The students of Visakha can have no better ideal than this to emulate.

- - It is wisdom that is fostered at Visakha. Wisdom to face challenges in our domestic life as well as in our careers. Since it is Visakha's wisdom that is a shining beacon illuminating our lives, it is appropriate that our motto is "Pannaya Parisujjhati" - Through Wisdom is one purified.


The school's motto is from the Alavaka Sutta in the Sutta Pitaka of the Tripitaka. When the yakkha Alavaka first confronted the Buddha, he threatened to exterminate Him unless the Buddha answered all his questions. One of the questions asked was "Kathansu Parisujjhati" - how is one cleansed? And the Buddha replied,

Mean :"Pannaya Parisujjhati" - by wisdom is one cleansed.